Academic Bank of Credit

Academic Bank of Credit Context: The government has brought the IITs, IIMs and other Institutions of National Importance (INIs) under the Academic Bank of Credit (ABC) framework, which allows students to pursue up to 50 per cent of a course from institutions other than the […]

Cyclone Barsirai

Cyclone Barsirai Context: On February 6, 2022, Cyclone Barsirai made landfall on coast of Madagascar, killing at least six people. It was an intense tropical cyclone. About: Cyclone had the packing winds of 235 km/h. It struck the Mananjary district, which is around 530 kilometres […]

Sri Ramanujacharya

Sri Ramanujacharya Context: PM dedicates to the nation 216-feet tall ‘Statue of Equality’ commemorating Sri Ramanujacharya. The 216-feet tall Statue of Equality commemorates the 11th century Bhakti Saint Sri Ramanujacharya, who promoted the idea of equality in all aspects of living including faith, caste and […]

Xi Jinping’s New Year Address

Xi Jinping’s New Year Address Context: President Xi Jinping virtually re-wrote Chinese history by securing a third term and elevating himself to the stature of Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping. Meanwhile, the country struggled with slow economic growth due to multiple Covid-19 outbreaks, power shortages […]

India-Central Asia Relations

India-Central Asia Relations Context: The inaugural India-Central Asia Summit, the India-Central Asia Dialogue, and the Regional Security Dialogue on Afghanistan in New Delhi — all held over the past four months — collectively indicate a renewed enthusiasm in New Delhi to engage the Central Asian […]

The Hijab Row

The Hijab Row Context: A number of Muslim girl students in Udupi, Karnataka, have been refused entry into their college. The administration objects to them covering their heads with a hijab. The girls invoke the protection of the Indian Constitution, whose preceptor Dr. B.R. Ambedkar […]