Challenges posed by NATO

Challenges posed by NATO Context: Understanding the history of NATO’s challenge to the security posture of Russia would help identify the roots of the ongoing conflict. It might also provide a clearer picture of what institutional arrangements and assurances the Kremlin could accept as sufficient […]

Russia’s AI enabled military ecosystem

Russia’s AI enabled military ecosystem Context: Russia has developed AI-based military systems which includes AI enabled robotic weapons, autonomous tanks, and unmanned aerial vehicles. In the wake of the Ukrainian crisis, This has come into relevance. Background- Russia which has been adopting 2AI-based military ecosystem […]


BIMSTEC meet Context: • Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa will host Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other leaders at the summit being held in “hybrid mode” from March 28 to 30. • Mr. Rajapaksa will chair the session on March 30, with leaders of Bangladesh, […]

Estimating India’s space sector

Estimating India’s space sector Context: Two premier institutes in the country HR Centre for development studies under Indian Institute of space science and technology have attempted at measuring the size of India’s space economy. About: • The reports have arrived at a figure of ₹36,794 […]