Growing Ties b/w India and Philippines

Growing Ties b/w India and Philippines Context: •  Philippines has finalised a US $ 375 Million Brahmos Missile deal this engagement in the defence industry sector is an important milestone in the evolving bilateral relationship. Background: •  Beijing’s aggression through maritime incursions into ASEAN nations’ […]

Drying Up of Rivers

Drying Up of Rivers   Context: • Minister of State for Jal Shakti, Shri Bishweswar Tudu in a written reply in Lok Sabha stated that the per capita annual water availability in the country has progressively reduced due to increase in population, urbanization, improved lifestyle […]

Nai Manzil Scheme

Nai Manzil Scheme Context: • The number of individuals who have received skill development training under the Nai Manzil scheme in FY 2020-21 alone is 1965 beneficiaries out of total 93485 skill trained since inception. About: • The scheme aims to benefit the youth (both […]

Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands     Why in news? • Solomon Islands Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare said recently that his government would not allow a Chinese military base to be built in his country “under its watch” as he defended a pending security agreement with Beijing. Chinese […]

Antarctica Bill: In-Depth Overview

Antarctica Bill   Context: The government on recently introduced the ‘Antarctica Bill’ in the Lok Sabha that envisages regulating visits and activities to Antarctica as well potential disputes that may arise among those present on the continent. The Bill also prescribes penal provisions for certain […]