Dam Safety

Dam Safety Context: • There are discussions about the dam safety everywhere including the parliament and also in the judiciary where the SC has refused to overhaul dam supervisory panel. Dam Safety Act, 2021: • The Dam Safety Act (DSA), 2021, provides for an institutional […]

Indian Tent Turtles

Indian Tent Turtles Context: • Minister of State for Environment, Forest & Climate Change, Shri Ashwini Kumar Choubey in a written reply in Rajya Sabha gave the status of the Indian tent turtle which is listed in Schedule –I of the Wild Life (Protection) Act, […]

India-Netherlands Bilateral Relations

India-Netherlands Bilateral Relations Context: • The Indian community is the most important pillar of growing India-Netherlands bilateral relations and serves as a bridge between not just India and the Netherlands, but between India and Europe, said the President of India, Shri Ram Nath Kovind. • […]

Neutrality Since the Nehruvian Era

Neutrality Since the Nehruvian Era Context: • India’s response to Russia’s invasion on Ukraine, condemnation of the civilian killings without any name calling, and abstention from UN votes is not fundamentally different from the historically cautious neutrality followed since the Nehruvian Era. Background: • India […]

Realism v/s Liberalism

Realism v/s Liberalism Context: • Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has rekindled the realism versus liberalism debate in international relations. Background: • Considering the crisis in Ukraine, we can analyse how it is viewed by the two sections, while the liberals call it as an attack […]