The Crimea Bridge

The Crimea Bridge

The Crimea Bridge Context: The road-and-rail bridge linking Russia and the Crimean Peninsula was damaged in a powerful blast on recently, hitting a crucial supply route for Russian forces in Ukraine. Importance of the Bridge: The bridge is essential for the delivery of goods such […]

PIB Analysis - 09th October, 2022

PIB Analysis – 09th October, 2022

PIB Analysis Weapon Systems Branch The government has given the green light to the establishment of a new branch of the Indian Air Force (IAF), known as the Weapon Systems (WS) branch. To operate all ground-based and specialised airborne weapon systems, the WS branch would […]


Palaeogenomics Context: The Nobel Prize for Physiology this year has been awarded to Svante Pääbo, Swedish geneticist, who pioneered the field of palaeogenomics, or the study of ancient hominins by extracting their DNA. Importance of the work: In the past, studying ancient humans has mostly […]