INDO PACIFIC: About: The Indo-Pacific concept is a recent one. Almost ten years ago, the Indo-Pacific region initially gained notoriety; since then, it has expanded tremendously. One of the factors influencing the term’s use is the realisation that the Indian Ocean and the Pacific are […]


WOMEN IN STEM SECTOR: Current context: The Department of Science and Technology (DST) has released data showing that women’s engagement in scientific and technological disciplines has increased over the past 20 years. Major conclusions from the data: While there are still more women researchers in […]


TOURISM IN INDIA: The programme aids in the identification and development of economic drivers based on the local, human, natural, and other resources of the border villages on the northern border; the establishment of growth hubs using a “hub and spoke model” by fostering social […]


IBSA:  #GS II #International Relations Topic International Relations:  Context: According to the Geneva-based DiploFoundation, the three nations that make up the tripartite IBSA Forum—India, Brazil, and South Africa—might be key players in the process of changing digital governance at a time when geopolitical tensions in […]

Semiconductors in India

Semiconductors in India:  #GS II #Indian Economy  Topic Indian Economy  Context: According to Commerce Secretary Gina M. Raimondo on Thursday, Air India’s decision to purchase 220 Boeing aircraft will result in the creation of a “tremendous number of employment” in the US. In remarks to […]


SC/ST Act:  #GS II #Government Policies and Interventions Topic Government Policies and Interventions  Context: The Prevention of Atrocities (SC/ST) Act will not be violated if someone uses someone else’s caste name in jest or says it in the middle of a conversation unless the offender […]

New IT Law

New IT Law: #GS II #Government Policies and Interventions Topic Government Policies and Interventions  Context: The Union government on Thursday formally announced the Digital India Act, 2023, a significant update to the Information Technology Act, 2000, which has been in existence for many years. Rajeev […]