Adopt a Heritage Scheme

Adopt a Heritage Scheme

Adopt a Heritage Scheme

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It is conceivable for private firms, organisations, and governmental institutions to come to agreements about the adoption and care of state owned archaeological sites or monuments.

Companies that enter into these contracts are referred to be Monument Mitras.

The federal government expects that this initiative, which started in February, will have protected 500 sites by

August 15 and another 500 sites shortly after. This number shows the tenfold rise in the number of locations covered in the contentious 2017 “Adopt a Heritage” campaign. The nation’s priceless pluralistic legacy may soon be gone for all time if the “revamped” system is not paused. 

The “Adopt a Heritage” Program—what is it? 
The State/UT governments, the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), the Ministry of Tourism, the Ministry of Culture, and other parties worked together on it. 
All of the project’s stakeholders will work together to forge a cooperative connection in order to effectively promote “ethical tourism.” 
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It strives to involve corporate citizens/individuals, private sector enterprises, and public sector businesses in order to promote the sustainability of our tourism and heritage. World-class infrastructure and services for the tourism industry will be created, run, and maintained at ASI/State Historic Sites and other significant tourist destinations in India. 
Under the novel idea of “Vision Bidding,” companies or organisations would become “Monument Mitras,” giving the agency with the finest vision for the heritage site the chance to mix pride with their CSR operations. 
The project primarily focuses on providing basic amenities like cleanliness, public conveniences, drinking water, ease of access for seniors and people with disabilities, standardised signage, illumination, and advanced amenities like surveillance system, night viewing facilities, and an enhanced tourist experience that will increase domestic and foreign tourist footfall. 
The “Adopt a Heritage” Program was created because: 
The operations and maintenance of the various infrastructure and service assets cause a number of common issues for the cultural sites. 
It is essential to develop a dependable system for providing both continuing access to high-end facilities and instant access to basic amenities. 
More support from the government is required to preserve cultural treasures. 3,686 historic buildings and historical monuments are preserved by the Archaeological Survey of India, including 36 World Heritage Sites (ASI). There have been four Memorandums of Understanding signed, and acceptance of 95 monuments and tourist attractions has been approved by 31 organisations or Monument Mitras. The government will broaden the scope of the initiative. 
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