Can a weak student crack UPSC CSE?

Can a weak student crack UPSC CSE?

  • To answer this question, I would like to begin with a quote “Being weak is a choice, so is being strong”, so this is just your mindset that you are weak.
  • Especially when it comes to UPSC CSE you cannot judge any person based on his/her scores or ranks in their graduation because UPSC Civil Services Exam is a level playing field for “any person who is a graduate”, that is the only eligibility which is required to appear for this prestigious examination.
  • As a proof of this we can see numerous examples of successful candidates who are from different backgrounds including those from IIT’s and IIM’s and any other graduate from a government college from any corner of the country.
  • There are many inspiring stories every year of the successful candidates who have successfully cleared the hurdles.

What is required?

1. Self Confidence
2. Determination
3. Hardwork
4. Dedication &
5. Integrity
  • These are the ingredients which are required for any aspirant, with these 5 ingredients any person can successfully clear the exam. 

You can go through the following videos for a better understanding of the nature of the examination: