G 20 Presidency – What lies ahead for India?

G 20 Presidency – What lies ahead for India?


  • The current year has witnessed high drama in the geopolitics of the world including the Russia-Ukraine war and China’s belligerence at India’s doorstep.
  • Amidst growing conflicts in different parts of the world, India is standing at such a crucial juncture where the world is looking towards India as not just a developing economy but as a potential force in influencing the global world order.

What lies ahead for India?

  • Delhi hopes to influence discussions on global issues as India holds the G20 summit this year, including the post-Covid economic recovery, health systems to address potential pandemics, challenges to international norms, and environmental protection. But there are some challenges which are as follows:
  1. Ukraine War – The world order established after World War II has been upended by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine recently. It has also affected the world’s food and energy security and is causing the global economy to trend downward.
  2. Assertive China – The world is now paying attention to China’s assertiveness in the Indo-Pacific as a result of the conflict in Ukraine. The visit to Taiwan by US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Beijing’s response have highlighted China’s actions. With a conflict in Arunachal Pradesh following the battles in 2020 Galwan that claimed the lives of 20 Indian soldiers, India is currently dealing with that border aggressiveness from China.
  3. Challenges in the neighbourhood – The political and economic crises in Sri Lanka posed a serious problem for the surrounding area. India contributed more humanitarian aid and medications in such a short amount of time than any other country combined. Additionally, Delhi is assisting the island nation in securing a financial aid package from the International Monetary Fund. Delhi wants a government that is aware of India’s security and strategic interests since China has a significant presence in the region.

Source The Hindu

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