Global Digital Public Infrastructure Repository


Recently, the Prime Minister announced the completion of the Global Digital Public Infrastructure Repository and the establishment of a Social Impact Fund to propel Digital Public Infrastructure in the Global South.


GS Paper – 3 (Infrastructure)

Main Highlights:

  • During the Virtual G20 Leaders’ Summit, Prime Minister Narendra Modi revealed the initiation of two India-led initiatives:
    • Global Digital Public Infrastructure Repository (GDPIR): This is an extensive resource hub that consolidates crucial lessons and expertise from G20 members and guest nations. Its primary objective is to narrow the knowledge gap regarding the choices and methodologies essential for the design, construction, deployment, and governance of Digital Public Infrastructures (DPIs).
    • Social Impact Fund (SIF): Envisaged as a government-led, multistakeholder initiative, the Social Impact Fund aims to expedite DPI implementation in the global south. The fund will provide financial support to offer upstream technical and non-technical assistance to countries in developing DPI systems. India has committed an initial sum of 25 million USD.