Hindrances To JCPOA

Editorial Analysis for UPSC - Hindrances To JCPOA

Hindrances To JCPOA


• The JCPOA had entered its last stage of talks at the end of February and had declared that there are few small obstacles that would be resolved.
• But as of now, there is no developments regarding the Iran nuclear deal.


• Even the ongoing situation in Ukraine did not stop the Vienna talks which occurred even after the Russian action against Ukraine.
• But the demand here of Russia was that western sanctions imposed on Russia will not affect its role under JCPOA.
• The provision under it is that Iran would have to export excess of its Uranium to Russia for which Russia would help Iran in downgrading its Fordow enrichment plant into an isotope manufacturing unit which would be used for medicinal purposes.

• The representatives from the west was of the opinion that Russia is trying to delay the agreement.
• But the USA had made it clear that it cannot withdraw Ukraine related sanctions just to save the Iran deal.
• Apart from this even Iran has been keen on the removal of the sanctions of the Trump administration.

What is the deal breaker?

• The most important of all is the one major thing which is the removal of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as a U.S.-designated Foreign Terrorist Organisation (FTO), a tag placed on it by the Trump administration in August 2019.
Why is it unresolved?
• US’s withdrawal from Afghanistan is seen as an disappointment among the people in the USA.
• Apart from this there is deep polarisation which is happening in USA, which are backed by Israeli lobby and the media who have been against Iran.
• So, removing the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) from U.S.-designated Foreign Terrorist Organisation (FTO) will be seen as a symbol of a weakening state.

What is the Status?

• Iran is in a better position now than how it was in 2015, it has survived the economic crisis and has regained momentum.
• Apart from this it has deepened its ties with Russia and China as well in all the aspects including political, economic and military affairs. Including Azerbaijan, Saudi and UAE
• It has also strengthened its relations with all other regional players including Azerbaijan, Saudi and UAE.
• The only impediment is the rivalry between Iran and Israel, which has continued its attack on Iranian assets in Syria, Iraq and Iran as well.