National Digital Tourism Mission

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National Digital Tourism Mission


  • Ministry of Tourism had constituted an inter-ministerial task force for National Digital Tourism Mission on 23rd July, 2021 to undertake consultations with the tourism industry and domain experts, define the context, mission, vision, objectives, and overall scope of the National Digital Tourism Mission.


  • Most of the tourism systems developed by Central Government, State Governments, Public sector and Private sector function in silos.
  • As a result, the tourism ecosystem is unable to harvest the combinatorial benefits of information exchange. Data systems currently don’t interact with each other using a common language, thereby curtailing data analytics and resultant policy-making.
  • In order to overcome the same, there is need for seamless standardized data exchange amongst various stakeholders


  • The vision of National Digital Tourism Mission is to bridge the existing information gap amongst different stakeholders of tourism ecosystem through a digital highway.
  • The National Digital Tourism Mission envisages to achieve the objective of harnessing the full potential of digitization in tourism sector by facilitating exchange of information and services in tourism sector spreading across national and state tourism organizations, tourism service providers, tourism destinations, products, experiences and tourists.
  • The Task Force has prepared a draft report on proposed National Digital Tourism Mission, which inter-alia lays down domain and technology principles, standards, digital stack, governance structure and plan for implementation of the envisaged National Digital Tourism Mission.

The Ministry of Tourism has invited final comments from the stakeholders on draft report for setting up of National Digital Tourism Mission. The draft report has also been published on website for suggestions and feedback from public.