Operation Kaveri: Sudan Evacuation


India has launched Operation Kaveri to evacuate its citizens from war-torn Sudan. According to current information, about 3,000 Indians are stranded in Sudan, including the national capital, Khartoum, and faraway districts such as Darfur.

Points to Ponder:

  •  Due to the continuous armed situation in Sudan, India has started Operation Kaveri to evacuate its people.
  • Nearly 3,000 Indians are stuck in Sudan, including Khartoum and far-flung districts like Darfur.
  • For the mission, two C-130J heavy-lift aircraft from Jeddah and INS Sumedha have been deployed.
  • The dispute between the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces and the Sudanese Armed Forces started on April 15 over the Security Sector Reform.
  • Essential services have been disrupted as a result of the violence, with food and water in limited supply and power outages.
  • The Indian Embassy in Khartoum has been in communication with all parties involved in the dispute to secure a truce and expedite the evacuation of Indians.
  • Indian diplomats have been working remotely, while Indian community members have sought refuge in adjacent hotels.
  • About 500 Indians have already arrived in Port Sudan, and more are expected to return home soon.
  • India has maintained touch with Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Egypt regarding the changing situation on the ground.