PIB Analysis 09-11-22

PIB Analysis 09-11-22

Mangrove Alliance for Climate (MAC)

  • MAC was launched at the COP27 Summit in Egypt to scale up and accelerate the conservation and restoration of the mangrove forests.
  • Mangroves are distributed in the tropical and sub-tropical region of the world and are found in 123 countries.
  • Mangroves serves as a nursery ground for several organisms, protects the coastal erosion, sequestering the carbon and providing livelihood for millions of people besides harboring array of faunal elements in its habitat.
  • Mangrove forests can store ten times more carbon per hectare than terrestrial forests.
  • Also, they can store carbon up to 400 per cent faster than land-based tropical rainforests.
  • They account for 3% of carbon sequestered by the world’s tropical forests.
  • To sustain the blue economy, it is imperative to ensure the sustainability of coastal habitats, particularly mangroves for tropical nations, at the local, regional, and international levels.
  • They are the best option to fight against climate change consequences like sea levels rise and increasing frequency of natural calamities like cyclones and storm surges.


International Film Festival of India (IFFI)

  • The International Film Festival of India, has been founded more than 70 years ago, in 1952, and is being held annually in the month of November.
  • The festival is held every year by the Government of India in collaboration with the Government of Goa.

Why IFFI is conducted:

  • First, a film festival enables film audiences in the country in which the festival is held to see the best pictures made in all the participating film-producing countries.
  • Secondly, an International Film Festival affords an opportunity to those engaged in the motion-picture industries of the participating countries to meet and discuss matters of common concern to all of them, to compare notes on the progress of this form of art and to concert plans for its future development.