PIB Analysis 15-12-22 – Part 1

PIB Analysis 15-12-22 Part 1

PIB Analysis 15-12-22 – Part 1

Primary Agriculture Cooperative Societies

  • PACS constitute the lowest tier of the short-term cooperative credit structure in the country at panchayat/ village level.
  • They serve as a crucial link in sustaining the rural economy of the country by providing short-term and medium-term credit and other input facilities such as fertilizers, pesticides, seeds, etc. to farmers.
  • There are nearly 95,000 PACS in the country, with a member base of around 13 crores.
  • These are refinanced by NABARD through 351 District Central Cooperative Banks (DCCBs) and 34 State Cooperative Banks (StCBs).
  • The StCBs and DCCBs together provide nearly ₹ 5 lakh crore rural credit annually, out of which ₹ 1.3 lakh crore is refinanced by NABARD.
  • A project for Computerization of 63,000 functional PACS in three years with a total financial outlay of ₹ 2,516 Crore has been approved by the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs vide its decision dated 29th June, 2022.
  • This project entails bringing all the functional PACS onto an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) based common software, linking them with NABARD through StCBs and DCCBs.

Exercise Kazind – 2022

  • The 6th Edition of Indo – Kazakhstan joint training exercise “KAZIND-22” is scheduled to be conducted at Umroi (Meghalaya) from 15 to 28 December 2022.
  • “Exercise KAZIND” will enhance the level of defence cooperation between Indian Army and Kazakhstan Army which will further foster the bilateral relations between the two nations.
  • Joint annual training exercise with the Kazakhstan Army was instituted in 2016 as Exercise Prabal Dostyk, which was later upgraded to a company level exercise and renamed as Ex Kazind in 2018.
  • Kazakhstan Army soldiers comprising of troops from the Regional Command, South and Indian Army soldiers from the 11 Gorkha Rifles will be participating in the exercise.
  • Aim of the exercise is to build positive military relations, imbibe each other’s best practices and promote the ability to operate together while undertaking counter terrorist operations in semi urban / jungle scenario, under a UN peace enforcement mandate.
  • This joint exercise will enable the two armies to train, plan and execute a series of combined tactical drills for neutralising of likely threats that may be encountered in UN peace keeping operations.
  • The scope of this exercise involves a Command Post Exercise (CPX) at the Battalion level and Company level Field Training Exercise (FTX) on sub-conventional operations.
  • During the exercise, participants will engage in variety of missions ranging from joint planning, joint tactical drills, basics of special arms skills, HADR and raiding a hostile target.