Strengthening Defence Ties: India and Indonesia’s Growing Partnership

Strengthening Defence Ties: India and Indonesia’s Growing Partnership


Recently, the seventh Joint Defence Cooperation Committee (JDCC) meeting between India and Indonesia took place in New Delhi, co-chaired by the Defence Secretary of India and the Secretary General of the Ministry of Defence, Indonesia.

  • This meeting marks another step in the deepening defence cooperation between the two nations.

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Meeting Focus:

  • During the JDCC meeting, both countries discussed regional and global issues of mutual interest.
  • The India-Indonesia relationship, elevated to a Comprehensive Strategic Partnership in 2018, has expanded to include new areas of collaboration in the defence industry, science, and technology.
  • Defence cooperation is a cornerstone of this partnership.

Expanded Defence Engagements:

  • Defence interactions between India and Indonesia have broadened significantly, encompassing a variety of activities such as:
    • Military-to-military exchanges and high-level visits.
    • Capacity building and training programs.
    • Collaboration in United Nations Peacekeeping missions.
    • Ship visits and bilateral exercises.
  • This wide-ranging cooperation reflects the robust and dynamic nature of their defence relations.

Historical Context and Framework:

  • The foundation of the current defence cooperation was laid with the signing of a defence cooperation agreement in 2001. This agreement led to the creation of the JDCC, a platform designed to:
    • Explore and identify potential areas of cooperation.
    • Discuss matters of common interest.
    • Initiate, coordinate, monitor, and control approved cooperative activities.

Significance of the Partnership:

  • The India-Indonesia Comprehensive Strategic Partnership has not only strengthened defence ties but also opened avenues for collaboration in various other sectors.
  • This includes the defence industry, where both nations are exploring joint ventures and technology transfers.
  • Additionally, the partnership enhances regional stability and fosters mutual growth.