Carbon trading

Carbon trading #GS 03 Climate Change For Prelims Carbon trading Carbon markets are a tool for reducing carbon emissions by allowing the trade of carbon credits hence making green technology profitable. It is done by establishing trading systems where carbon credits or allowances can be […]

Building Climate Resilience

Building climate resilience collectively #GS-03 Infrastructure, Climate Change For Prelims Long-Term Low-Carbon Development Strategy (LT-LCDS): LT-LCDS is India’s long-term climate action plan unveiled at the 27th Conference of the Parties to the UNFCC (COP27), held in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, in November. It has multi-sectoral measures […]

Energy Conservation Act 2001

Energy Conservation Act, 2001 #GS 03 Climate Change For Prelims Energy Conservation Act, 2001 The act empowers the Centre to specify norms and standards of energy efficiency for appliances, industrial equipment and buildings with a connected load over 100 kiloWatts (kW) or a contractual demand […]

Urbanisation and Climate Change

Climate talks as shortchanging international law #GS-03 Climate Change For Mains Developing Countries and Climate Change: There are three problems with the current negotiating process. First, citizens in developed countries are not even aware that two-thirds of their national emissions of carbon dioxide come from […]

Panchayats and Climate Change

Think local climate action, think Meenangadi #GS-02 Governance, #GS-03 Climate Change For Prelims ‘Panchamrit’ resolution: Five Nectar Elements (Panchamrit): India has presented the following five nectar elements (Panchamrit) of India’s climate action: Reach 500 GW Non-fossil energy capacity by 2030. 50 per cent of its […]