Election Commission of India

Election Commission of India #GS-02 Governance For Prelims: Election Commission of India: The Election Commission of India is an autonomous constitutional body responsible for administering Union and State election processes in India. It is responsible for administering elections to the Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha, and […]

Panchayats and Climate Change

Think local climate action, think Meenangadi #GS-02 Governance, #GS-03 Climate Change For Prelims ‘Panchamrit’ resolution: Five Nectar Elements (Panchamrit): India has presented the following five nectar elements (Panchamrit) of India’s climate action: Reach 500 GW Non-fossil energy capacity by 2030. 50 per cent of its […]

Data Localisation

Data Localisation #GS-02 Governance For Mains: What is Data Localisation: Data localization is the practice of storing the data in the region it was collected from. Localisation mandates that companies collecting critical data about consumers must store and process them within the borders of the […]

National Population Register

National Population Register (NPR) #GS-02 Governance For Prelims: About National Population Register (NPR): The National Population Register (NPR) is a Register containing details of persons usually residing in a village or rural area or town or ward or demarcated area within a ward in a […]

State Pollution Control Board

The weakest link in the air pollution fight  #GS-02 Governance, #GS-03 Pollution For Prelims: About SPCBs: The State Pollution Control Boards were initially constituted under the Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1974. Its mandate was expanded under the Air (Prevention and Control of […]

The war against illegal goods

The war against illegal goods as India’s fight  #GS-02 Governance #GS-03 Internal Security, Economy For Mains: Why there is a rise in Black market? Though India’s wholesale inflation rate has been declining since July this year, it still remains in double digits since April 2021. […]