The World Of Special Operations

The World Of Special Operations Context: The evacuation of 121 Indians from Wadi Seidna, north of Khartoum in Sudan, in the middle of the night by an Indian Air Force (IAF) C-130J Super Hercules has been widely praised. The Sudan rescue mission, Operation Kaveri, is […]

Women’s Reservation Bill

Women’s Reservation Bill Context  With enough evidence of female leaders making a difference around the world, India should not underestimate the critical role women may play in nation-building and development and should consider implementing legislation that has the potential to improve the lives of many […]

Pending Bill: Gubernatorial Inaction

Pending Bill: Gubernatorial Inaction Context: The Governor of Tamil Nadu was recently in the headlines again after the Tamil Nadu Assembly issued a resolution urging the President of India, among other things, to set a timeframe for assent to bills passed by the Assembly. The […]

EC Criticized For VVPAT Defects

EC Criticized For VVPAT Defects Context  The Congress party has chastised the Election Commission (EC) for failing to notify political parties of the discovery of 6.5 lakhs of faulty Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT) machines.  Points to Ponder: Pawan Khera, the party’s spokesperson, has […]

LoC Agreement Of 2007

LoC Agreement Of 2007 Context:  Although events prevented an agreement from being reached, the reality remains that the LoC is an idea that has survived the test of time, circumstances, and drastic transformations in the India-Pakistan equation. Points to Ponder: Former Special Envoy Satinder Lambah […]

West Asia Diplomacy Shifts

West Asia Diplomacy Shifts Context: Arab countries and Syria have been seeking to repair their lost friendship in recent weeks. Jordan and Egypt recently dispatched Foreign Ministers to Damascus, marking their first high-level trips since the civil conflict began.  Mr Assad visited the United Arab […]