India-Bangladesh relationship

India-Bangladesh relationship #GS2 #International relations The India-Bangladesh Friendship Pipeline Project is a joint venture between India and Bangladesh to transport diesel fuel from India to Bangladesh. The project involves the construction of a 130-km long pipeline from Siliguri in India to Parbatipur in Bangladesh. The […]


IBSA:  #GS II #International Relations Topic International Relations:  Context: According to the Geneva-based DiploFoundation, the three nations that make up the tripartite IBSA Forum—India, Brazil, and South Africa—might be key players in the process of changing digital governance at a time when geopolitical tensions in […]


QUAD #GS II International Relations Context: India joined other nations in calling for a “just and lasting peace in Ukraine” and respect for a rules-based order in the South and East China Seas in the inaugural Quad proclamation, which is seen as criticising both Russia and […]


UN PEACEKEEPERS #GS II International Relations The necessity of the hour: Countries opposing Russia’s invasion should ask the UN General Assembly to recommend a peacekeeping operation with the purpose of maintaining humanitarian access. What are the sources of funding for UN peacekeeping missions: While the […]

Details of the India EU Free Trade Pact

Details of the India EU Free Trade Pact:    #GS II #International Relations   Topic – International Relations:    ∙Context:    ∙Piyush Goyal, the minister of commerce for the union, claims that it will take longer to negotiate a free trade agreement (FTA) with the union of 27 nations.    ∙Mr. Goyal stated that the EU and two to three additional nations are currently involved in active negotiations for FTAs while speaking at the Technotex conference, which was organised by the  business association FICCI in this city.  ∙Even with the best efforts of the government, there have been some regulatory obstacles in India for foreign investment.  ∙A lawsuit was brought by investors against India: Many multinational corporations, including Vodafone, Cairn Energy, Nissan, White Industries, Telenor, Nokia, and Vedanta, have filed  lawsuits against India to force government to uphold the rights specified in the bilateral investment treaties (BITs). The main reason the EU wants an IPA with India is because of this.  ∙Despite India’s history of unilaterally changing the law, investors from the EU are nonetheless protected under Indian law. To the detriment of the investor, it is possible to unilaterally alter  Indian law.  ∙Indian courts’ protracted legal procedures agonisingly prolong the decision-making process. This leads to the desire for protection under international law.  ∙Before the INDIA-EU Treaty is signed, what obstacles must be overcome?  ∙Non-justiciable tax regulations: By declaring tax-related regulatory measures non-justiciable, India seeks to move taxation policy outside the ambit of the treaty. Given India’s recent  experiences with tax-related investment issues with Vodafone, Cairn Energy, and Nissan, the EU finds it difficult to accept this proposition.  ∙A two-tiered judicial system In order to settle treaty issues […]

Financial Action Task Force

Financial Action Task Force #GS 02 International Relations For Prelims Financial Action Task Force The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) is the global money laundering and terrorist financing watchdog. It is an inter-governmental body which sets international standards that aim to prevent these illegal activities […]

G-20 Summit

G-20 Summit #GS 02 International Relations For Prelims G-20 G20 is a global strategic platform that aims to bring together the world’s biggest industrialised and emerging economies. It has the critical role of ensuring global economic growth and prosperity now and in the future. The […]

India US Defence cooperation

India US Defence cooperation #GS 02 International Relations For Mains Initiative On Critical and Emerging Technologies (ICET) Initiative On Critical and Emerging Technologies (ICET) was announced in May 2022 to elevate and expand the strategic technology partnership between US and India. The ICET is perhaps […]

New START Treaty

New START Treaty #GS 02 International Relations For Prelims New START Treaty New START Treaty was signed in Prague by US and Russia on 8 April 2010, as a replacement to the START (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty). New START Treaty is officially known as The […]