‘Tree City of the World’ Tag

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‘Tree City of the World’ Tag


• Known as the ‘Tree City of the World,’ The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (UN-FAO) and the Arbor Day Foundation have named Hyderabad and Mumbai the ‘Tree Cities of the World’ for 2021.


• The two Indian cities were honoured for their dedication to maintaining and expanding greenery and urban trees in order to create resilient, healthy, and happy cities.
• The UN-FAO and the Arbor Day Foundation, an American non-profit organisation, established the programme.
• The goal of launching this programme was to honour towns and cities around the world that are dedicated to ensuring that their trees and urban forests are sustainably managed, well-maintained, and appropriately acknowledged.
• A city must achieve five key conditions to be designated as a ‘Tree City,’ demonstrating its dedication to caring for its forests and trees.
• A city must transfer responsibility for the care of trees within its municipal border to a local agency, a staff person, or a group of citizens known as a Tree Board in order to be recognised as a Tree City.
• In addition, the city must have a statute or an official policy in place to oversee the maintenance of trees and forests.
• In order to construct an efficient long-term plan for caring for, planting, and removing municipal trees, the city must also have an updated assessment or inventory of local tree resources.

Source: THE HINDU.