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The demanding KAS Prelims serve as a gateway for dedicated students eager to tackle the Mains. While it presents a significant challenge for Aspirants , we the “Believers IAS Academy” have crafted a comprehensive Prelims course designed to empower aspirants .We focus on thorough syllabus coverage and frequent mock tests to hone your skills, all under the expert guidance of our distinguished faculties , dedicated mentors, and decorated officers.

What the KAS Prelims Excel Course Offers Aspirants

The KAS Prelims Excel course offered by Believers IAS Academy appears to be comprehensive and well-structured, covering all the essential aspects of preparation for the Karnataka Public Service Commission (KPSC) exams.

Unmatched Expertise:

  • Dedicated Experienced faculties , mentors, and UPSC/KAS veterans guiding you every step of the way.
  • Personalized Mentorship and ongoing Feedback from our team of experts to ensure your success.

Comprehensive Coverage:

  • Master all KAS Prelims subjects with in-depth analysis and clear explanations.
  • Develop a sharp point-to-point approach and build logical conceptual clarity to tackle any question.
  • Strengthen inter-linkages between topics for a holistic understanding of the syllabus.
  • Featured SCERT Foundation Class to solidify your base.
  • Emphasizes on developing a strong foundation in the core syllabus.

Current Affairs Integration:

  • Incorporates current affairs from various credible sources like PIB, The Hindu, Indian Express, Down to Earth, State Budget, government websites, Yojana, Kurukshetra relevant for KPSC examination
  • Links current affairs with the static syllabus for better understanding and application.

Practice Makes Perfect:

  • Sharpen your skills with 50+ mock tests (both sectional and full-length) in online and offline formats.
  • Gain valuable insights through post-test discussions led by subject experts to identify strengths and weaknesses.
  • Receive personalized mentorship  to identify your strengths and weaknesses and stay on track.
  • Improve exam-taking strategies and time management skills.

Convenience and Flexibility:

  • Access high-quality live and recorded classes online through the Believers IAS App and portal.
  • Experience smart digital boards that bring the classroom experience to your screen.
  • Take mock tests online with a user-friendly interface that mirrors the real exam environment.
  • Unwind and focus seamlessly with our 24/7 library and dedicated support system, always available to guide you.


Enroll in KAS Prelims Excel Course today and unlock your potential to achieve your dream career in the Karnataka Public Service.

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Syllabus :

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