About the Aryan Invasion Theory:

  • Aryan Invasion Theory is a theory that claims that the Aryans invaded Europe 
  • Max Muller was the first to propose AIT.
  • According to this account, the Indo-Aryans moved into India rather than invading it, but the indigenous peoples were nonetheless subjugated and had Indo-Aryan religion (Hinduism) and culture imposed on them.
  • It has so far served as the foundation upon which Indian history has been written. Its central thesis is made up of three parts:
  • The Harappan or Indus Valley Culture, which flourished in western India and present-day Pakistan, was founded by “dark-skinned” Dravidians who constructed a peaceful, highly developed urban civilization known as the Harappan or Indus Valley Civilization (IVC).
  • Around 1500 BCE, a nomadic race known as the Indo-Aryans invaded and subjugated India from the west. Central Asia, Scandinavia, North Germany, Hungary, and Ukraine were all cited as possible homelands for these ‘Aryans’ / Indo-Europeans. 
  • They annihilated the ancient Dravidian civilisation, oppressed the locals, and forced them to migrate to the south of India.
  • The Indo-Aryans were white-skinned people who spoke Vedic Sanskrit and wrote the Vedas, as well as imposing Indo-Aryan religion (Hinduism) and civilization.

Source: THE HINDU.