Rapid Action Climate change

Rapid Action Climate change #GS3 #ENVIRONMENT #DISASTERMANAGEMENT #CLIMATECHANGE The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is a United Nations panel made up of thousands of experts from around the world who assess the science related to climate change. Points to ponder: According to the IPCC […]

Foreign law Firms in India

Foreign law Firms in India #GS02 #Government interventions and polices #Judicial Bodies Context: The Bar Council of India (BCI), a statutory body governing legal practice in India, has framed Rules that allow them to open offices there, five years after the Supreme Court permitted foreign […]

Kerala Radiation

Kerala Radiation According to a pan-Indian study conducted by researchers at the Bhabha Atomic Research Center (BARC), background radiation levels or radiation released from natural sources like rocks, sand, or mountains are nearly three times higher in some areas of Kerala than previously thought. One […]

India-Bangladesh relationship

India-Bangladesh relationship #GS2 #International relations The India-Bangladesh Friendship Pipeline Project is a joint venture between India and Bangladesh to transport diesel fuel from India to Bangladesh. The project involves the construction of a 130-km long pipeline from Siliguri in India to Parbatipur in Bangladesh. The […]

Jews In India

Jews In India #GS1 #Indian society Jews have been present in India for over 2,000 years, with the first Jewish settlers believed to have arrived in the city of Cochin (now Kochi) in the southern state of Kerala in the 1st century CE. Over the […]

India’s Deep ocean exploration

India’s Deep ocean exploration #GS03 #scientific innovations and discoveries Context: NIOT is set to spearhead a 6000-meter dive into the Indian Ocean with a mission to explore marine biodiversity and the potential of the sea bed. Points to ponder: The National Institute of Ocean Technology(NIOT) […]

Drop in foreign trade

Drop in foreign trade Context India’s goods shipments dropped for the third time in five months in February, after falling 11.6% in October 2022 and 3% in December 2022. Tentative global demand reduced India’s commodities exports by 8.8% in February to 33.9 billion, while imports […]