Cabinet Approval for Pradhan Mantri Janjati Adivasi Nyaya Maha Abhiyan

Cabinet Approval for Pradhan Mantri Janjati Adivasi Nyaya Maha Abhiyan


The Union Cabinet has granted approval to the Pradhan Mantri Janjati Adivasi Nyaya Maha Abhiyan (PM JANMAN), allocating a substantial budget of Rs.24,104 crore. This comprehensive initiative encompasses both central sector and centrally sponsored schemes, focusing on critical interventions across various key areas.


GS-02 (Government policies and interventions)

Key Interventions:

The program strategically targets 11 critical interventions through 9 Ministries, with a particular emphasis on the Ministry of Tribal Affairs. These interventions include:

  1. Provision of Pucca Houses
  2. Road Connectivity
  3. Piped Water Supply
  4. Community Water Supply
  5. Mobile Medical Units with Medicine Cost
  6. Construction of Hostels
  7. Vocational Education and Skilling
  8. Construction of Anganwadi Centres
  9. Construction of Multipurpose Centres
  10. Energization of Households
  11. Provision of 0.3 KW Solar Off-Grid System, Solar Lighting, and Mobile Towers

Comprehensive Development:

  • The PM JANMAN aims to address a spectrum of needs, ranging from infrastructure development to healthcare, education, and electrification.
  • By undertaking these interventions, the initiative seeks to uplift tribal communities and enhance their overall well-being.

Additional Initiatives:

  • In addition to the specified interventions, the program will also involve the establishment of Ayush Wellness Centres, as facilitated by the AYUSH Ministry.
  • This approval signifies a significant step towards fostering holistic development and social justice for tribal populations in India.