Consulate General of India in Auckland

Consulate General of India in Auckland


The Union Cabinet has granted approval for the establishment of a Consulate General of India in Auckland, New Zealand.


GS – 02 (Government Policies & Interventions)

Main Details:

  • The operationalization of the new consulate is set to be completed within 12 months.
  • This strategic decision aims to expand India’s diplomatic presence, reinforcing its global engagement efforts.
  • The establishment of the consulate is expected to enhance India’s diplomatic representation, furthering its strategic and commercial interests while better catering to the welfare of the Indian community in Auckland.

Diplomatic missions of India:

  • The Republic of India boasts one of the most extensive diplomatic networks globally, underscoring its ties not only worldwide but also in neighboring regions such as Central Asia, the Middle East, East Africa, Europe, Southeast Asia, and the broader Indian subcontinent.
  • In addition to these regions, India maintains diplomatic outposts in far-flung areas like the Caribbean and the Pacific, representing historical Indian diaspora communities.
  • Being a member of the Commonwealth of Nations, India designates its diplomatic missions in the capitals of other Commonwealth members as High Commissions. In some cities of Commonwealth countries, India labels certain consular missions as “Assistant High Commissions.” However, unique titles apply to specific locations, such as “Consulates-General” in the cities of Birmingham and Edinburgh in the United Kingdom and the city of Hambantota in Sri Lanka.