Dependence On Coal

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Dependence On Coal


• Recently, Union Minister of Coal, Mines explained in the parliament that India is still dependent on coal for the energy needs.


• In India, energy transition away from coal is not happening during the foreseeable future.
• Although there will be push for renewable/non-fossil based energy but share of coal in the energy basket is going to remain significant in years ahead. Coal demand in the country is yet to peak.
• The draft Economic Survey 2021-22 projects coal demand in the range of 1.3-1.5 billion tonnes by 2030, an increase of 63 per cent from the current demand.
• Thus, as of now there is no scenario of energy transition away from coal affecting any stakeholders involved in coal mining.


• There has been transition towards cleaner energy in the recent past to overcome the crisis of the Climate Change.
• India has been investing hugely towards renewable energy resources, India has also achieved greatly in adopting to solar energy resources.


Source: THE HINDU.