Golden Langur

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Golden Langur


• A recent report titled Future simulated landscape predicts that there is significant decline in the habitat of the golden langur.


• Golden Langurs are present in Bhutan and India, in India it is primarily found in few districts of Assam.
• The research conducted indicates that, of the total range extent present only about 20% of it is suitable for the species.
• Even most of the suitable areas are not connected properly or unevenly distributed, they are scattered or fragmented in different locations.

Anthropogenic Challenges:

• Even though most of the populations are distributed in Reserved Forests they are under high anthropogenic pressures.
• And there are many regions in southern Assam which is not under any kind of protection.
• On a happier note, there have been efforts from the local population and non-governmental agencies.
• Increasing human footprint in the region have led to human-langur conflict cases.

Other Major Challenges:

• The research has shown that the change in the land use pattern will have more impact that the climate change.
• Therefore human induced challenges will be a bigger threat than from climate change.
• In the 1990’s the destruction of forests for timber by the extremists groups have led to huge destruction of the areas which have been suitable for the golden langurs.