New Delhi declaration ‘almost ready’, says India’s G-20 Sherpa

New Delhi declaration ‘almost ready’, says India’s G-20 Sherpa

New Delhi declaration ‘almost ready’, says India’s G-20 Sherpa


To bridge the gaps, particularly over the paragraph on Ukraine, the joint declaration is “almost ready,” according to India’s G-20 “Sherpa” Amitabh Kant. The Sherpas, or leaders’ representatives for the G-20 countries, will now present the document to the G-20 leaders when their summit starts on Saturday.

Who are G20 Sherpas?

  • The personal representative of a head of state or government who assists in preparation for international summits like the G20 is known as the G20 Sherpa. Constructing consensus and putting the finishing touches on the draft leaders’ declaration are tasks for the G20 Sherpa.
  • The third gathering of the G20 Sherpas took place from July 13–16, 2023, in Hampi, Karnataka. Shri Amitabh Kant, the G20 Sherpa for India, presided over the gathering. The New Delhi Leaders’ Declaration was drafted by the Sherpas in collaboration.
  • On September 9 and 10, New Delhi will host the G20 Summit.

What are the possible issues mentioned in the declaration?

  • Ukraine: The declaration includes a section on Ukraine as one of its key topics. Regarding the section on Ukraine, negotiators were attempting to fill in any gaps and allay any worries. Russia objected, but Western officials were adamant about including Ukraine in the communiqué.
  • Climate Action: The passage suggests that terminology about climate action was agreed upon. This means that aims and pledges relating to combating climate change are probably included in the joint declaration.
  • Financial reform and the IMF: The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and other multilateral development institutions were discussed during the negotiations’ finance track. Provisions concerning financial reforms and collaboration may be included in the joint declaration.
  • Fossil Fuel Phase-Out: The phase-out of fossil fuels is mentioned, and progress has been made. Commitments to slash dependency on fossil fuels and make the switch to cleaner energy sources could be included in the declaration.
  • Debt Restructuring: Debt restructuring was a topic of discussion as well. The joint declaration might include guidelines or methods for controlling and reorganizing debt, particularly for emerging nations.
  • Food Security: The section briefly notes how the invasion of Ukraine by Russia made the subject of food security more pressing. Concerns about food security and plans to guarantee access to food resources may be covered by the declaration.

What were the key issues discussed in the Sherpa Meeting in Hampi?

  • Key Priorities: Green development, climate finance, lifestyle for the environment (LiFE), accelerated, inclusive, and resilient growth, accelerating progress on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), technological transformation and digital public infrastructure, multilateral institutions for the twenty-first century, and women-led development were among the top priorities highlighted by the Indian Presidency.
  • AU Membor ship: Membership of the African Union in the G20 was suggested by India’s Presidency to highlight the voices of developing nations and the global south within the G20 group.


In conclusion, the G-20 Summit in New Delhi is nearing the presentation of its joint declaration, with ongoing negotiations primarily focused on the paragraph concerning Ukraine. India’s leaders’ representative, Amitabh Kant, has expressed optimism about the progress made and emphasized that the declaration will strongly represent the voices of developing countries.