OTT  Seek Satellite Bandwidth

OTT Seek Satellite Bandwidth

OTT  Seek Satellite Bandwidth


OTT streaming companies argued in favour of using more satellite bandwidth to connect with viewers.

Points to Ponder:

  • Importance of satellite-based distribution: According to AVIA, the media sector is crucial in supplying millions of Indians with entertainment, information, education, and religious engagement. They contend that satellite-based distribution is necessary to reach these consumers both today and in the future. According to AVIA, huge nations all over the world experience similar difficulties, thus India is not an outlier in this sense.
  • Opposition to auctioning satellite frequency assignments: AVIA and other major satellite service providers around the world are opposed to the idea of auctioning off satellite frequency assignments. They stress that, in contrast to terrestrial communications, the satellite spectrum is a resource that is shared by several satellite operators. The international guidelines established by the ITU permit the reuse of satellite frequencies many times at the same geographic location. According to AVIA, eliminating the current broad reuse of spectrum resources through auctioning and giving exclusive rights to a single user will significantly reduce the amount of spectrum that is available for India.
  • Impact on satellite spectrum availability: AVIA expresses worry that the spectrum resources available to India in comparison to the current situation would be reduced by auctioning satellite frequency allocations. The shared nature of satellite spectrum utilisation would be undermined by giving one user exclusive rights, possibly resulting in inefficient use of the spectrum and reducing the overall capacity for satellite-based distribution.
  • Encouragement for Satellite system: The government should concentrate on promoting satellite broadband systems, which rely on constellations of Internet-connected spacecraft, according to AVIA. These technologies can assist in bringing Internet connectivity to rural locations with little or undeveloped terrestrial infrastructure. In regions like Lakshadweep that are currently without terrestrial or submarine connections connecting them to mainland networks, AVIA uses the example of satellite broadband backhaul at moment. India can close the digital divide and boost connections in remote areas by supporting the growth and extension of satellite broadband infrastructure.