The time has come for India to declare Hamas a terrorist group: Israel Ambassador

current affairs - 2023-10-26

The time has come for India to declare Hamas a terrorist group: Israel Ambassador


Indian officials should designate Hamas as a terrorist organization, Israeli Ambassador Naor Gilon stated here on Wednesday.

During a media event, Mr Gilon stated that the Israeli economy would not be impacted by the current conflict and that initiatives like the I2U2 (India, Israel, the UAE, and the US) and the IMEC (India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor) will continue as planned.

Who are the Hamas?

  • One of the two main political parties in the Palestinian territories is Hamas, a violent Islamist organization. In the Palestinian territory, Hamas is the biggest and most proficient militant organization. In the Gaza Strip, they are in charge of nearly two million Palestinians. 
  • The Islamic Resistance Movement (Ḥarakat al-Muqāwamah al-ʾIslāmiyyah) is the official name of Hamas. Their goal is to turn ancient Palestine into an autonomous Islamic state. 
  • Most people associate Hamas with armed opposition to Israel. They declared in its 1988 charter that they would not recognize any other course of action other than the whole and total liberation of Palestine, from river to sea. This translates to Israel being destroyed.

What is the designation of the organization globally?

  • The United States, Israel, Canada, the European Union, and other nations have all formally classified Hamas as a terrorist group.
  • Its history of using violent and militant methods, like suicide bombings and rocket strikes, to further its objectives is the basis for this label.

What is the historical background behind the Hamas?

  • The Palestinians revolted against Israeli occupation in 1987 and formed Hamas during the first intifada.
  • It was born out of Palestinians’ discontent that the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) was failing to bring an end to Israeli occupation.

What was the Hama’s founding vision?

  • The 1988 original charter of Hamas advocated for the total annihilation of Israel and included anti-Semitic statements.
  • It disapproved of peace initiatives and insisted that the only way to resolve the Palestinian problem was through violent resistance, or “jihad.”
  • Over time, Hamas’ strategy changed. It displayed indications of moderation in 2006, removing the call for Israel’s destruction from its electoral manifesto.
  • It signalled a willingness to support a Palestinian state along the 1967 boundaries without acknowledging Israel and to tolerate an ongoing truce (hudna).

How organized is the Hamas political and military structure?

  • Hamas is organized into several branches. It is divided into three wings: a military wing called the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, which is in charge of combat operations; a political bureau; and a social wing that works in education and charity.
  • After political unrest and violent fighting in the Palestinian territories in 2007, Hamas seized control of the Gaza Strip and Fatah held onto control of the West Bank.
  • Due to Israel’s blockade of Gaza, there is currently a humanitarian crisis in the area and restricted travel for both people and goods.

What are the challenges for Israel?

  • Hamas launched a huge missile attack on Israel during the most recent conflict, resulting in substantial losses on both sides.
  • Israel launched airstrikes in retaliation and got ready for a potential ground invasion.
  • Despite Israel’s persistent attempts to use military force to subdue and undermine Hamas, the organization has managed to endure and maintain its prominence as a major political force in Gaza.
  • Given its tenacity and prominence in politics, Hamas presents Israel with significant challenges, particularly in light of any future settlement of the Israel-Palestine conflict.


Hamas’s actions and influence continue to be crucial to the stability and peace attempts in the region, and its role in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is still complicated and contested.