What’s the India-U.S. initiative on future tech?

What’s the India-U.S. initiative on future tech?

What’s the India-U.S. initiative on future tech?

Context : 

 According to the iCET roadmap, India and the U.S. would collaborate on important and developing technologies in industries like semiconductors, wireless telephony, quantum computing, and artificial intelligence.

Points to Ponder:

Areas of Focus for the Initiative:

  • Research Agency Partnership:
      • Establishing a partnership between research organisations will promote cooperation in fields like artificial intelligence (AI).
      • Create a new roadmap for defence-industrial cooperation to speed up technological cooperation for joint research and development and production.
  • Common Standards in AI:
      • Develop universal standards for artificial intelligence to encourage collaboration and interoperability.
      • The development of a road map to quicken defence technical cooperation is necessary.
      • Create an “innovation bridge” to link defence startup companies.
  • Semiconductor Ecosystem: 
      • Encourage the growth of an ecosystem for semiconductors.
      • assemble a supply network for semiconductors.
      • Create a task force led by the semiconductor sector to consider recommendations.
  • Human Spaceflight:
      • Strengthen cooperation on human spaceflight activities.
  • Advancement in 5G and 6G:
    • Advance cooperation on the development of 5G and 6G technologies.

Progress Made:

  • Quantum Coordination Mechanism:
      • Put in place the Quantum Coordination Mechanism to facilitate collaboration in quantum technologies.
  • Public-Private Dialogue (PDD) on Telecommunication:
      • Initiated a PDD on telecommunication to drive collaboration in OpenRAN, 5G, and 6G.
  • Exchanges on AI and Space:
      • Held “important exchanges” on artificial intelligence (AI) and space.
  • Semiconductor Supply Chain:
      • Signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on establishing a semiconductor supply chain.
      • Created a semiconductor sub-committee to review recommendations from an industry-led task force.
  • Defense Jet Engine Deal:
      • India and the U.S. are close to concluding a mega jet engine deal.
      • India-U.S. Defense Acceleration Ecosystem (INDUS-X):
      • A new initiative called INDUS-X is set to be launched during the visit to advance cutting-edge technology cooperation.
  • Roadmap for Defense Industrial Cooperation:
      • India and the U.S. have concluded a roadmap for defense-industrial cooperation to guide policy direction.
  • Strategic Trade Dialogue:
    • Established a Strategic Trade Dialogue to remove regulatory barriers and review export control norms for strategic technology and trade collaborations.