The World’s Tiniest Fanged Frog

The World’s Tiniest Fanged Frog Context: A recent scientific revelation has unveiled the existence of the world’s tiniest Fanged Frog – Limnonectes phyllofolia. Relevance: GS-03- (Species) Fanged Frogs: Genus Limnonectes: The newfound species is part of the Limnonectes genus, housing approximately 75 frog species. These […]

Sahitya Akademi award

Sahitya Akademi award Context: The need for the Sahitya Akademi to enhance its efforts in promoting Indian literature and acknowledging the significance of literary diversity in a country with numerous languages and dialects. Relevance: GS-01 (Indian culture) Sahitya Akademi award: Established in 1954, the Sahitya […]