NITI Aayog grow report

NITI Aayog grow report Context: NITI Aayog recently unveiled the Greening and Restoration of Wasteland with Agroforestry (GROW) report and portal, marking a significant initiative in India’s land restoration efforts. Key Highlights: GROW Report Objective: The primary objective of the GROW report is to support […]

India’s burgeoning death penalty crisis

India’s burgeoning death penalty crisis Context: India’s death row population has reached its highest-ever numbers since 2004, with 561 prisoners awaiting execution. The Supreme Court acquitted nearly 55% of the death row prisoners in the cases it heard in 2023, signaling a significant trend. Relevance: […]

The Genome India Project

The Genome India Project Context: The Genome India Project, funded by the Department of Biotechnology, has completed sequencing 10,000 Indian genomes. This milestone marks the creation of a ‘reference’ Indian human genome, providing a blueprint for further genetic research. Relevance: GS – 03 (Biotechnology, Scientific […]