Gati Shakti Research Chair


Recently, Gati Shakti Research Chair was inaugurated at IIM Shillong.


GS-03 (Infrastructure)

Key highlights:

  • Promote collaboration between academia and the government
  • Develop high-quality public research on supply chain resilience and multi-modal logistics
  • Focus on North-eastern development practices and strategies
  • Conduct high-quality academic research on multi-model logistics


  • The chair’s primary objective is to lead rigorous academic research on multimodal logistics, with a special focus on the North-Eastern region. This includes generating insights into strategies and practices for multimodal logistics development specific to the North-East, as well as fostering innovation to enhance logistical capacity in the region.
  • The chair aims to facilitate collaboration with global experts to advance knowledge and expertise in multimodal logistics. By strengthening ties between research and capacity-building efforts, the chair seeks to engage key stakeholders such as the logistics industry, governmental bodies, local authorities, and various partners and associations.
  • Ultimately, the chair will contribute to the realization of the PM Gati Shakti Masterplan by bolstering logistical capabilities in the East and North-East regions through research, capacity-building initiatives, and actionable outputs.