Memoranda of Intent (MoIs) in the Field of Medical Products Regulation Approved by Cabinet

Memoranda of Intent (MoIs) in the Field of Medical Products Regulation Approved by Cabinet


The Cabinet has given its approval for Memoranda of Intent (MoIs) signed between India and two other countries in the arena of medical products regulation.


GS-02 (International Relations)


The MoIs, inked between the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (CDSCO), Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India, and the following entities:

  1. Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, Kingdom of the Netherlands (November 2023):
    • The objective is to establish a framework for productive cooperation and information exchange between CDSCO and the Netherlands. This collaboration focuses on research involving human subjects related to medical products regulation, aligning with their international responsibilities.
    • The MoI between the regulatory authorities of both nations will enhance understanding of medical products regulation, encompassing pharmaceuticals, raw materials for pharmaceutical use, biological products, medical devices, and cosmetic products.
  1. Directorate General for Medicine, Foods, and Sanitary Products Organizations of the Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistant of the Dominican Republic (October 2023):
    • The MoU aims to promote information exchange and cooperation in areas relevant to medical products and related administrative and regulatory matters within the jurisdiction of the parties involved. This collaboration facilitates interaction among regulatory agencies to address substandard and falsified medicines in international markets.
  1. Agencia Nacional de Regulaction, Control Y Vigilancia Sanitria – ARCSA, Doctor Leopoldo Izquieta Perez, The Republic of Ecuador (November 2023):
    • The MoU between India and Ecuador intends to enhance understanding of regulatory aspects, fostering increased cooperation in medical products regulation and better coordination in international forums. This agreement is expected to facilitate the export of medical products, contributing to foreign exchange earnings.