New Jupiter-like Exoplanet

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New Jupiter-like Exoplanet



  • A group of scientists recently discovered a new planet. The planet is of the size of Jupiter.
  • The new planet is 379 light years away from the earth.
  • It is 105 times denser than the earth. The planet is named TOI-2180 b.


About the planet

  • It takes 261 days for the planet to orbit its star. Its surface temperature is 76 degrees Celsius.
  • It is not only denser than the earth, but also denser than the Jupiter.  
  • The planet is made of helium and hydrogen. The planet has rings and moons.
  • The new planet discovered is a gas giant exoplanet.
  • In our solar system, the Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus and Saturn are the gas giants.
  • Now, Uranus and Neptune are classified as ice giants for their heavily volatile materials.
  • The gas giant planets are made of hydrogen and helium. The gas giants do not have any solid matter. It is full of swirling gases.




  • The new planet takes 261 days to revolve around its star. This long period of revolution is not usually found in exoplanets.
  • Also, the revolutionary period is shorted for its size. The planet is three times the size of the Jupiter.
Who discovered?


  • Tom Jacobs. He discovered the exoplanet with the help of NASA telescope.
  • Tom also used the help of TESS to discover the planet. TESS is Transitioning Exoplanet Survey Satellite. It is an explorer programme of NASA.

Source: THE HINDU.