TRAI’s Recommendations on 5G Spectrum

TRAI’s Recommendations on 5G Spectrum   Context: The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India’s recommendation of cutting spectrum prices for 5G airwaves by 35-40 percent as not gone down well with the companies and the industry associations, who had called for up to 90 per cent reduction. […]

Russia–Ukraine Conflict and Kazakhstan

Russia–Ukraine Conflict and Kazakhstan   Context: • Amidst the crisis in Ukraine, there are apprehensions in borders of Russia-Kazakhstan where the ethnic Russians are in majority. • Kazakhstan shares a land boundary with Russia, stretching almost 7,644 kilometres, and has a sizeable Russian population on […]

Convention Against Genocide

Convention Against Genocide Context: • The United States and Ukraine accuse Russia of genocide in Ukraine, but the ultimate war crime has a strict legal definition and has only been proven in court a few times since it was codified in humanitarian law after the […]

Neptune Cruise Missile

Neptune Cruise Missile Context: • Neptune Cruise Missile This missile is modelled by the Soviet Kh-35 anti-ship missile. It has enhanced electronics and range over the Kh-35. About: • The first flight samples of this cruise missile were produced in the second quarter of 2016. […]